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What is graphic design??

Graphic design is an interdisciplinary activity and appears as a tool in various forms of visual communication that has a multifaceted function – cultural, economic, aesthetic, and above all, humane.

As an artistic discipline, it deals with the creative process that realizes visual communication with users of the obtained visual solution. Visual communication conveys a specific message to the target audience. Graphic design, if artistic discipline can have several sub disciplines that focus on different methods of visual communication and presenting a visual solution.

Although a young activity, graphic design has become a significant segment of the culture and economy of developed countries and a powerful means of articulating national, institutional, and corporate aspirations. The design increases value, motivates potential users, cultivates brand recognition, and influences public perception of a firm, service, or product like stock haven.

Modern customers are becoming more demanding, and besides the expectation of excellent product quality, the requirements focused on the visual and emotional impact of the product.

The line between design and art has erased. When presenting the product, the designer gives an additional dimension to the product and introduces the customer to the virtual world of imagination, which helps to establish contact between the customer and the product. In this way, customer satisfaction achieved.

Graphic design as a creative discipline can view within the basic areas:

  • The two-dimensional graphic design – comprises a poster, billboards, advertisement, brochure, trademark. The primary role of a trademark is identification.
  • Three-dimensional graphic design – includes packaging design, trade fair stands, outdoor and indoor billboards, flags, and geometric figures.
  • Graphic design of audio-visual means of communication – is a web design, presentation or documentary, an institutional film about the product, and others. Today, web design is the most suitable considering the speed of information dissemination. The Internet has become part of personal and business communication and information.

Clear, consistent icons, graphic schemes, and text display and a summary on the screen can give the user the confidence to find what they are looking for without wasting time. If you interesting about free graphic design, consider about stock haven review


Graphic design as a concept of quality

Besides the meaning that graphic design has as a creative activity, the term graphic design implies a certain quality of workmanship of each work.

Functionality – usability, and usefulness of graphic design as visual communication are considered one of the most important parameters and indicators of quality. The value of graphic design, the meaning of which is successful communication with the individual and the social environment.

Artistic and aesthetic quality – are also one of the most important indicators of quality. There are no absolute criteria or rules on the optimal artistic and aesthetic quality of graphic design, but there are many established indicators based on which aesthetic quality can assess and analyzed.

Originality – means creating an aesthetic quality that is new and hitherto unknown. Each creation implies a certain degree of originality. For work to survive on the market, it must be different and original in the mass of similar products.

Actuality – trend, fashion, to a greater or lesser extent short-lived and transient perception, imposed on a certain social environment, through the media.

Graphic design is market-oriented and deprived of its artistic freedom.


Function and aesthetics

Production and consumption simultaneously affect creating a graphic design. It is necessary to resolve all the contradictions of the system to achieve maximum efficiency, expressed in goals (function and aesthetics), with a minimal commitment of resources. Also, it assumes that in the center is a man with his characteristics.


Form and content

The creation of graphic design should have practical content, be useful, and purposeful.

The content of the practical and useful in creation reflect through the satisfaction of human needs. Practical content allows the creation of the graphic design to transform into communication. The content of which produces economic and socially beneficial results.

The form contributes to the aesthetic value of graphic design. It also shows the style of artistic expression, through drawings or photography, while the text expresses character and message.

When creating art forms, you need to take care that the processes take place from the general (form) to special (details). The entire process begins with the initial idea. The result of this approach is a form of expressive individuality with style features.

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