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how to increase traffic in your website?

Marketing is undoubtedly one of the most important success factors in the new online business, and we need to focus on marketing in the online business. But if you focus only on traditional traffic cloud strategies such as building links, you may already be missing a lot of prospects.

1.Add long tail keyword

With the short, large numbers of terms easily identified and studied, the process of actually investigating and analyzing data has become incredibly easy. However, 80 to 90 percent of the actual traffic is marked by the ‘long-tail’ keyword with more than 3,4,5 words.
Long-tail keywords are easy to rank, and can affect the ranking of individuals with much higher scores than typical terms. Here’s how to maximize your exposure to long-tail-like content and increase traffic.

1) The modifier of the long-tail keyword should be checked.

Let’s assume that we sell ABCD webcam. We’re trying to optimize the page so that we can rank as many searches as possible. Visit the Google Keyword Tool and record all long-tail keywords. Also, you should check the bottom of Google’s entry into related search terms. “ABCD-12”

2) These modifiers should be worked on a copy of our page.

We need to make sure that the words “A” and “B” are included in the page and create content that explains the differences between models “A-1” and “A-2” By including all the newly added variant keywords in the content, the page can rank for a broader range of queries.

Of course, it’s impossible to apply all the modified keywords we’ve found. Brand keywords such as “best buy” above are not very useful and are likely to be already integrated with other brand modifiers. But we’ve discovered some long-tail gems that can help increase the likelihood of potential aggregate rankings and ultimately increase traffic(traffic cloud review).

2.Make rich snippet

Rich Snippets are search lists that contain information about product prices, availability, and number of reviews. This tool helps users understand more about a specific product or site on the search results page itself, without having to visit the website directly.

Rich Snippets are incredibly powerful because they can increase the number of people who click pages by up to 30%. It can make great efficiency without any sacrifice. I think you can see why it’s so powerful when you compare it to a 30% increase in marketing and advertising budgets.

The process of setting up or using a rich snippet depends on the platform, so the implementation will likely have to be posted later. You can probably google it. If you think everything is set up properly, you can use Google’s Rich Snippet Test Tool to make sure there are no display problems. It may take some time for the Rich Snippets to appear in your search list, so don’t worry if you don’t see them immediately or visit toolformarketing.com

Product-based rich snippets are thought to be suitable for most website owners, but there are two types of improvements to know about Google’s ownership and video preview images.

With Authorship Markup, you can notify Google of the content you have created, and the picture is displayed with a list of those photos. As the name suggests, a video preview image is a video preview image that appears with a list of pages. Like product-based rich snippets, both features dramatically increase the click rate of related pages.

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