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Digital Marketing

Promoting your online business and connecting with the right audience is the heart of what we call digital marketing. Using all the advantages of the Internet, through various promotional activities, we will attract the attention of users.

We do this to explain to them why it is a good idea to spend time on our website or use our products. Digital marketing has developed at the same time with technology and the internet. And if before we could only surf from our home computer, now, thanks to smart devices, we can go online from anywhere.

We can attract the public at any time from all the places of the world. This is a revolution in the way we communicate! This opens up incredible opportunities for activities of promotion and two-way communication with consumers, often in real-time.


What is digital marketing?

Every time you see a banner, when a post appears on Facebook, when an ad on YouTube interrupts the song or even when you read a “regular” article, you are dealing with digital marketing. Our senses have become so accustomed to advertising products and services on the Internet that it would be strange not to see them again.

As consumers stay more and more on the internet, classic promotion strategies give way to online ones. This does not mean that traditional forms of promotion will disappear, but it is only a matter of time before internet campaigns finally take the lead in investment.

An advantage is that, on the internet, you know for sure what you can receive from the budget you have. Also, the results of marketing activities can be measured very accurately. In other words, you have “black on white” everything you do, so you will always know exactly what you will get (and what you will not).

However, in order to dedicate yourself correctly to working on the internet, you must have the necessary knowledge, in this case the Digital toolformarketing course can be very useful. Without the right knowledge and skills, it will be difficult to cope in a highly competitive online world.

Defining digital marketing

Digital marketing represents the sale and promotion of services and products using online strategies. This activity is constantly evolving according to the habits of internet users. Therefore, we need to know online users well.

We need to know what they do, what their habits are and what their interests are. This is important when promoting our product, to focus on those who are most interested. This is one of the main advantages of digital marketing compared to classic promotional activities.

Imagine that TV commercials could only focus on the audience interested in a particular commercial. This is exactly what can you do on the internet. Besides, the most important marketing rule says that you must show your offer at the right place and time. With the new technologies and information at your disposal, filter your audience appropriately to reach your target group. This represents a premise of a grateful business.

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Is digital marketing profitable?

In the past, in the analog age, marketers designed campaigns based on their subjective feelings. Even if the sales of a product increased, it could not be determined exactly how much this had to do with the promotional activities.

Imagine, for example, a campaign for New Year’s children’s toys. If sales increase, who can guarantee that this is not due to this time of year when you usually buy more? So, maybe the campaign was successful, but maybe it’s just – the New Year. If you think about it a little better, no one can tell how many people actually saw your ad. Rating figures don’t mean that someone didn’t go to a sandwich during a TV commercial.

We also don’t know if anyone bought the product because they saw it on a billboard or in an ad. Not only can you not know the exact effect, but it is also an incredibly expensive type of advertising. This is not the case at all in the case of digital campaigns.

These activities are cheaper, easier to measure and easier to modify. On the internet, reports and figures do not lie, so it is always clear what the money is spent on and what is the effect of the funds invested. In this case, you can know not only the exact number of toys sold online, but also who the audience is, what they were looking for and how much time they spent shopping.

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